Software Solutions Services - Custom Solutions

What can we build for you?

SSI’s team of consultants and developers work together to identify opportunities to bring proven solutions to your IT team, and when necessary, expand on them with custom development.

If the right solution doesn’t already exist, we’ll analyze your needs and business goals to create custom solution that will fill in the gaps in your existing processes.

SSI partners with our clients to develop a long term relationship centered on reliable service and repeatedly delivering on our promises. If you only have a single project or if you need help on an ongoing basis, our consultants and developers remain dedicated to accomplishing your business goals and can be readily onsite to address any needs you have.

Business Intelligence

Companies today are sitting on a gold mine of data. With our help, companies can leverage that data using the latest BI tools to identify trends and improve your bottom line. SSI builds solutions that the user can manage and will enable you to analyze your data with minimal IT involvement. Business Intelligence from SSI will help your business grow.

Web and Application Development

Our in-house team of developers typically work with Microsoft .NET and MS SQL server database framework and extend that platform through judicious use of Javascript to enhance the end user experience.

Systems Integration, Extract Transform and Load (ETL) Processing

Businesses today have data in more and more silos, making it difficult to keep consistent, accurate data. These can be in-house applications and increasingly are cloud-based applications. Often, these systems need to integrate and communicate with other applications and areas. SSI utilizes many different tools and custom programming to stitch these systems together when and where necessary.