Exact Synergy:
Workflow and Document Management Software

Exact Synergy provides access to all of your vital business processes in one application. By storing and updating all information related to clients, finance and the workforce within one central place, everyone can work with the same up-to-date data. With Exact Synergy, you can benefit from a total solution that centrally manages your data streams. All information is within reach for everyone, at any time.

Exact Software

Exact Synergy

Exact Synergy unites the workplace and reveals the costs, inefficiencies and redundancies hidden by the complexities of your business.

Exact Synergy's Web-based collaboration platform unifies the people, processes and knowledge that matter most to your business, creating an accurate, up-to-the-moment view of your organization's personnel, finance, workflow, documents and asset information, enhancing decision-making, analysis, scenario planning, and ongoing management across your entire business.

Exact Synergy energizes the traditional corporate infrastructure by providing an active portal view into the workplace: for employees, business partners, suppliers, and customers.

"Exact Synergy is a powerful web-based solution that enables you to integrate, manage, control and improve the way all your people work together to add value across your business."

Employ and manage:

Employee and Manager Self-Service

HR is commonly associated with excessive bureaucracy. Exact Synergy’s employee self-service and manager self-service functionalities streamline routine administration and so enable the HR professional to focus on engaging with employees and their managers across the business. Self-service eliminates paperwork and enables employees and managers to carry out tasks on their own. They can, for example, check company policies, fnd the phone number of a new colleague, check who’s who in the company “Facebook,” make updates, view employee records and histories, etc. Exact Synergy eases the burden on HR, and with the optional Synergy Event Manager function, it’s possible to alert managers and employees to key issues, dates, actions, etc. via e-mail and text message.


Exact Synergy slashes the administrative work involved in hiring a new employee. With Exact Synergy you can quickly nail down the job requirements and job description, post the vacancy, manage resumes, manage interview rounds, track offers and contract negotiations, and archive scans of certifcates and application letters. Manager self-service enables the line manager to check progress at any time, and you can also send alerts if required. And once someone has agreed to join, you can promote them from applicant to employee status at the click of a mouse — and their archive moves with them.

Absence Management

Is it hard to calculate leave entitlements? Do you still rely upon paperwork to manage leave requests? Exact Synergy helps you to manage employee holiday and absence information and make life easier for all involved. Built-in workflows organize personal time-off requests and signifcantly reduce the administrative work for HR. Holiday entitlements are calculated automatically and adjusted once leave requests are approved.

Workforce Reporting

In a typical company, workforce information is held in different places, using different systems, standards and methodologies. There’s little uniformity or consistency, making HR data untrustworthy. With its “single source of truth,” Exact Synergy brings uniformity to your workforce analytics, placing reliable information at your fngertips so you can generate standard reports that can be customized to the needs of the HR manager.

Training and Development

Employee development is a core activity of every organization. But with e-mails here and overviews there, it quickly becomes diffcult to track people’s development. Exact Synergy cuts administrative work by handling the process and archiving who’s done what, in one system. Use competence profles to identify development needs. Enable employees to enroll online. Route approval requests to managers automatically. Provide course prospectuses, manage training contents, and register and track certifcates all in one place.

Performance Appraisals

Exact Synergy makes it easy to create a standard appraisal structure. You can have different appraisals for different roles and take account of “soft” requirements such as skills and competencies, as well as hard targets like sales goals.

Exit Management

It’s important when people leave to make sure that all company property is returned. Exact Synergy ensures that all procedures are documented using asset registration and exit checklists.

Secure Records

Exact Synergy’s digital personnel files bring together everything mentioned above: employee records (name, address, employee benefts and payroll), company property (onboarding), development (training records, certifcates), absence history (vacation, time off, etc.). Now you have a 360-degree view that can be shared securely between the employee, their line manager, and HR.

Organize and register:

  • Procurement
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Managing policies & procedures
  • Roles & rights management
  • Facility & asset management
  • IT management
  • Project management

Technology and integration:

  • Integrated document and workflow management
  • Connecting to third-party applications via standard adapters
  • Business activity monitoring

Manage finance and administration:


Many organizations check, compare and approve incoming invoices by hand in an attempt to prevent errors and the need for corrective action later. Exact Synergy’s electronic Incoming Invoice Register transforms this into a transparent, traceable process. Invoices are scanned and sent for authorization to all budget holders, thereby eliminating the flow of physical invoices.

Currency Management

The currency translation process, when performed in many MS Excel sheets, is time-consuming, frustrating, and prone to errors. Naturally, finance professionals want quick, accurate currency conversions so they can aggregate subsidiary costs and revenue transactions with as little delay as possible. Exact Synergy simplifes currency conversions and records the rates used for the conversion between the local currency and the corporate currency. This is ideal if you need to go back and verify.

Managing Multiple Administrations

Each location has its own accounts, maybe even its own accounting standards, organizational structure, currency, and definitions of ownership and responsibilities. And everything’s done in their own spreadsheets. Exact Synergy creates clarity and transparency by helping you structure your fnancial organization and centralize transactions from multiple remote administrations. It can help set up an organizational structure, assign ownership levels align reporting periods, and map local G/L accounts to those used by headquarters.

Financial Consolidation and Reporting

In addition to serving as an operational tool, Exact Synergy is a communication tool too. It provides a way to share knowledge and discuss issues, so fnancial information becomes a company-wide resource. Exact Synergy offers rapid and easy report generation and distribution, secured by role-based, authorized access.

Compliance and Control

Exact Synergy enables organizations to establish projects and tasks to aid in the management of the compliance process. Secure collaboration between subsidiaries and other stakeholders enhances compliance communication and the accuracy of information. Exact Synergy also provides ways to manage online policies, manuals, internal news pages and policy authorization via an automated workflow, to further internally support the effectiveness of policies and procedures.

Electronic Invoice Management

Store all finance-related documents such as scans of bank statements, spreadsheets, correspondence or e-mails

Market and Communicate:

Marketing and Lead Management

A unifed sales and marketing operation is a winning team. Unfortunately, this is rare. Exact Synergy’s central database and shared processes unite sales and marketing professionals to manage leads and prospects together. Using Exact Synergy, sales and marketing can access relevant key performance indicators and work together in a structured, customer-centric way to achieve their goals. Exact Synergy’s opportunity management module passes leads to sales for follow-up. This provides more sales-ready leads to sales and cuts the amount of time sales has to spend on its own lead-generation.

Customer Analysis

Built-in analytics are the only way to know what your customers are thinking and to respond to their issues quickly and effectively. Exact Synergy’s built-in real-time analysis tools, reports and ad hoc database querying can help you recognize issues before your customer does.

Customer Portal Self-Service

With Exact Synergy, you can create customized portals to share information and communicate with your customers, without additional IT resources.

Sell and Service:

Opportunity Management

The tendency for people to do their own thing makes opportunity management harder than it should be. What managers want is uniformity and easier forecasting. Exact Synergy provides both. Exact Synergy’s opportunity management capabilities ensure that sales inquiries are followed up rather than thrown over the fence in the hope someone else will pick them up. With full integration between Exact Synergy and Microsoft Outlook, e-mails no longer go missing and there’s a complete record of related events.

Customer Retention Management

Sales and after-sales teams typically use separate systems. This means sales often has little insight into any subsequent arising problems or issues, which could be useful if you’re planning a follow-up call. Or, after-sales has limited insight into how the relationship started. Both are working with one hand tied behind their backs. Exact Synergy’s central database gives everyone access to the same information, improves complaint management, and supports customer retention.