Macola 10:
A More Natural ERP Experience

Macola 10 enables you to better understand and focus on your core business. By addressing your challenges, Macola 10 improves the way customers interact with your company. The better customer experience, the greater likelihood they continue to order from you, order more from you, and speak highly of working with you, which all helps your business grow.

Macola 10 is the next evolution of Macola and is a huge leap forward toward a more natural ERP experience that increases the speed, accuracy, and reliability of operating your business.

Software Solutions Products

Document Explorer

The SSI Document Explorer tool provides a quick and intuitive method of uploading documents to Macola 10 directly via a drag-and-drop interface, similar to moving files around your desktop. Simple drag the file you wish to upload onto the interface and select the appropriate options; your files will then show up in Macola 10's Documents module for easy viewing across the Web.