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Software Solutions, Inc. is a professional technical services provider. As a member of the Esta Group, we are an authorized business partner of Exact Macola Software. We offer the nation's top integrated manufacturing and accounting software suite: Exact Macola 10, as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that seamlessly integrate with other packages of Exact Macola software.

Software Solutions, Inc. offers Web Design, E-Commerce, and Database services. We offer comprehensive technical and business consulting, are a full service provider of hardware and software for networks, both on-premises and remote.

We offer virtualized environments from VMware for powerful enterprise-wide control and flexibility, and the complete line of Time and Employee Management systems from Timeclock Plus.

Our Vision:

Our clients will increase their performance and productivity when their employees and mission-critical processes share one central information system.

Our Mission:

To partner with our client's in assisting them to profitable and efficient operations; to conduct ourselves and the companies we represent diligently, fairly and honestly; to consistently operate a profitable business venture; and to continually seek proper and profitable channels of growth both corporately and individually.

Special News:

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